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Some of the posters from our collection can be seen in Chateau Krinec. See www.zamekkrinec.cz for further details (in Czech).

About Us

H-Posters is a private collection of vintage posters which represent works of significant authors of the years 1890–1930. It includes Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles.

The collection originated thanks to the effort of its present owner who decided to save a part of a devastated collection of posters which existed in the 1920s. Some posters come from his own collector activity.

The collection currently involves more than 230 posters of various genres. However, the renovation process is still in progress.

All the posters are original polychromatic lithographies, prints from the original lithographies or original prints.

The collection includes works of famous artists such as G. Meunier, J. Auchentaller, F. Rehm, Lorain, G. Fraipont, A. Choubrac, Ch. Pless, R. Pean, H. Gray, J. Grun, A. de Riguer, L. Rhead, F. Taylor, J. von Caspe, Hingre, PAL, J. Cheret, Th. Steinlen and others. Czech artists who were fascinated by the art of the poster are also represented in it. Among others: V. Hynais, J. Úprka, E. Orlik, Steiner and A. Brunner.

We offer cooperation to everybody who may be interested in this topic. Hiring posters for research as well as exhibition purposes is possible. We also offer other possibilities of utilization under certain conditions – we can e.g. make copies, catalogues, calendars and other forms of advertisement for you. Please contact us for details.

You are now invited to our web gallery. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate and contact us.